you never know what might be going on behind a smile

Just a little reminder that you never know what might be going on behind a smile. There just may be a warrior fighting a battle 💚 Tomorrow I planned on beginning my drive to visit my home state of Oklahoma. Unfortunately earlier today my body “crashed”, meaning I’ve gone in some kind of flare. It could be a flare caused by my autoimmune diseases, or hormones, or something triggering my chronic pain. All I know is that my body is extremely fatigued & in quite a bit of pain. It’s as if liquid cement has been flushed into all my muscles, tissues, bones, blood, & in every cell. I feel weighted down. I’m struggling just to have enough strength to hold up my phone to type this. I have not had a flare like this in some time now. It’s easy to forget how incredibly painful it is. I kind of knew or felt something was coming. My body has been a bit more achy, especially my bladder with my interstitial cystitis. I’ve also been a bit more tired than usual. Today when I went out to move my car for street cleaning I came very close to passing out. Hit me so suddenly. Could be I have a virus that has made my immune system act up. It’s really hard to say what the cause of this flare is. I’m disappointed that I won’t be heading out for my trip today but at the same time I’m very accepting of what my body needs. Rest. Right now I’m just wanting the pain to ease up. There are wonderful moments when something pops or cracks when I move & that feeling of liquid cement has evaporated in that one part of my body. Release. Relief. I’m putting my phone down now. It’s getting too heavy. This too shall pass. Soon I’ll be smiling again. Never stop fighting. Never lose hope. Remember how strong you are. Love you tribe 💚 #chronicillness #autoimmunedisease #chronicpain #interstitialcystitisawareness

Mammoth Lakes, California

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