Yoga is forever my teacher & I her student. I grow each day with the practice. I’m aware of where being a yogi comes naturally & where it needs to be worked on in me. I’m not the best yogi when I’m stuck in standstill LA traffic – I’ve been working on my yoga practice while driving since I moved to Cali … my family & friends say it’s gotten better at least 😆 My practice isn’t so much about being more flexible or being able to do handstands or keep me fit … not that those aren’t good reasons to have. For me yoga started with a mental / spiritual practice rather than a physical practice & that’s what is most important to me. I don’t do sun salutations everyday, or go to class everyday, or practice the asanas everyday. But I’m always trying to practice mentally. To live life as what I consider as a yogi. To live with awareness & acceptance, to love, to find joy & happiness, to let shit go, to feel deeply, to be conscious, & to live in the present moment for it is a gift. Living this lifestyle as helped me get through my struggles – to feel them without pushing what would be considered “negative” emotions away but instead to feel them, be aware, to accept, & to release. It’s less about finding the positive in everything but finding balance between all emotions, all feelings, good & bad without judgement to the best ability. To see the strength in what feels like weak moments. To be empathetic. I used to be so damn serious with my practice. But there is play, silliness, fun, & even eccentricity in yoga. Yoga can be sexy to. It builds confidence. Helps you love your body & be proud of showing it oh no matter what your size or shape is. Yoga is liberating. I would say the spiritual aspect I had for it at the beginning has changed. I’m less structured in my practice. My spirituality is vast & I’m not sure if I could put into words … the best way to explain is that feeling when you lay down under our blanket of stars & you feel so little but at the same time feel a part of something so huge & miraculous. I love where I am with my practice. Always with me 💚⁣

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Mammoth Lakes, California

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