A question I frequently get asked “What are your thoughts on practicing a yoga flow when on your period???” My thoughts as a both a yoga teacher & forever student: ⁣

My opinion on practicing a yoga flow during your period is that it’s YOUR body, YOU know it better than anyone. If you feel like a yoga flow will help I say do it! ⁣

Usually when I’m on my period I practice yin & restorative yoga. And if my body says no to that as well I remember I can instead practice mediation, pranayama, or take my yoga practice off the mat & apply it to other activities I’m able to do whether that be reading or drawing in bed. I usually don’t do a lot of flows when I’m on my period but that’s just because when I’m on my period I’m light headed, dizzy, & fatigued and I don’t want to make those symptoms worse by overexerting my body. ⁣

It’s different for everybody. If you feel okay in your body practicing a yoga flow on your period – do it! If you start practicing and you feel sicker or symptoms worsen or anything like that then it’s your body saying it’s not ready. But your body will tell you 💚 ⁣

I hope that helps! And for all of you who are on your periods now I’m right there with you! Get some rest. Give your body some extra lovin’. 💚 PS I tried doing more of a strengthening yoga practice this morning until my body was like “Wtf you doing?! Oh noooo you don’t! It’s yin day sista!” Listening body 😆 #YogaOnYourPeriod ⁣

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