What do you look for in a partner? — ⁣

What do you look for in a partner? — ⁣
I’m asked this question quite often with me being single. Along with being asked what’s my type. I first don’t feel like I’m really looking. I love the idea of being with someone but I’m not actively searching. I’ve just never met anyone who has really sparked a flame within me. I’ve also not been the most open to getting into relationships. In college I didn’t get involved with anyone because I was very career oriented. I knew I was going to have to leave Oklahoma to pursue my dreams so I didn’t see the point of taking the time & energy to get serious with someone. Following college & after living a year in NY is when I started battling with my health & for my life. The last thing on my mind when sick was dating. As I have began to do better with my health I’ve just found I’m not great with the dating scene. I hate small talk – hate it. I’m forgetful when it comes to the dating apps & I honestly get bored easily … meaning I get tired of the same conversations over & over again, it gets so dull. I crave connection where we are talk about our biggest dreams & ambitions. Discovering what lights the fire under their ass or what drives them absolutely crazy. When it comes to my type I’m not for sure if I have one. I know what I’m attracted to. Intelligence, drive, & confidence I find to be the sexiest thing in the world. I love people who are driven in pursuing their dreams. Mental stimulation is just has important as physical stimulation in my book. Confidence is crucial to me. I know everyone lacks confidence now & then but I don’t do well with people who needs constant reassurance. I’m a very strait forward individual. I’m not looking for someone to make me whole or make them whole. I see two wholes raising each other up & taking each other to new heights. I want someone who can challenge me, who makes me think & dream bigger. I want to give them that too. Where we both light the fires of each other’s longings & passions to do, to be, to discover more. So that’s the kind of person & relationship I desire. That & someone who can make me laugh and go on adventures with #sharingmypassion ⁣

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