Getting ready for my trip home to Oklahoma to visit my family & friends 💚🤗 And my 6th hydrodistention/cystoscopy for my interstitial cystitis, chronic painful bladder syndrome. Making it my 10th surgery in the last 6 years. The other 4 surgeries were 2 for stuck kidney stones too big & jagged to pass and 2 for ovarian cyst complications, endometriosis, & one of those I had to get my appendix removed since it was rotting. ⁣

Recently I’ve been up & down. Had a nasty virus for a week which caused a flare up of all my autoimmune diseases & chronic pain. Which brings me to one of my greatest pet peeves … someone asking “You’re STILL sick?” ⁣

Blessed are those who can get a virus one day & be perfectly well the next. I’ve NEVER been one of those people, probably because of my autoimmune diseases. Since the time I was a little I remember seeing friends & classmates getting these 24-48hr viruses that when I got them I would be down for at least a week. I never had perfect attendance. I was made to feel like I was doing something wrong or being dramatic (not by my family but by onlookers). We didn’t know I suffered from autoimmune diseases when I was little, it would have explained a lot. ⁣

Now my thoughts when someone says “STILL sick?” It’s like yes, on a daily basis my body’s immune response attacks itself – it attacks healthy cells for some unknown reason. So my body is in a constant fight & it’s defenses are down against viruses or infections. Most of my conditions are chronic meaning constant, continuing, ceaseless, unabating, unending, long-lasting, persistent – I’m dealing with them unless remission happens. How does remission happen? Different for everyone & not attainable by everyone because even though we may have the same autoimmune disease or chronic condition our bodies are different, the diseases/conditions are similar but not entirely the same for they manifest differently in each individuals body. I know it’s complicated, why we are struggling to find cures. We just all need to be more empathetic. And if someone you know has been sick for longer than you think they should be don’t say to them “STILL sick?” Instead offer support 💚

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