Tomorrow I head out for my trip to Oklahoma 😄

Tomorrow I head out for my trip to Oklahoma 😄

Looking at 3-4 days of driving & site seeing on my way there, if I don’t get too tired lol. I’m very much looking forward to some time away from the city, my phone, & computer. Been honestly feeling a bit social media drained & need some time to unplug. Not to worry lol I will be taking plenty of photos & videos while adventuring to share later on! I’m expecting anytime I’m not driving & site seeing will be spent sleeping but who knows sometimes I turn into the little energizer bunny with no off switch 🤣 Now to get my car packed & ready, my apartment cleaned for my return, my succulents watered, laundry for the trip, travel meal prepping, & last of my errands so that I can be ready to head out right when I wake up tomorrow morning. So excited!! 🚗🏜💚 #travelready #okiegirl 📸 @nolan.weisser

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