To someone I forgive

To someone I forgive: ⁣

I admit I’m not the most forgiving person nor do I forget ⁣

Or maybe I should rephrase. I’m not the most forgiving person to people I don’t find worth my time. I forgive those who I can’t imagine my world without. Everyone else, I don’t place any kind of energy into them. Including forgiveness. Maybe that’s something that needs to change within me. For the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. ⁣

But to those who I love so much I forgive: ⁣

Thank you for forgiving me as well⁣

None of us are perfect ⁣

We all say or do stupid shit ⁣

I know I have a hot headed temper ⁣

Can be impulsive ⁣

Stubborn ⁣

Icy silent ⁣

Thank you for recognizing & even accepting these parts of me. ⁣

For pointing them out for me to recognize & be aware of them too.⁣

I’m sorry for hurting you ⁣

As I know you are sorry for hurting me⁣

These fights ⁣
Miscommunications ⁣

Are bound to happen ⁣

In the end I think they make our bonds stronger ⁣

It shows we have the ability to show our “ugly” parts with the knowledge we will continue to be loved & accepted ⁣

Some lines can never be crossed ⁣

I know my lines⁣

You know yours ⁣

But life is complicated ⁣

It is not black & white ⁣

Each to their own journey ⁣

Each to their own path of life ⁣

With little to no judgement from me⁣

For how can I fully comprehend when I myself have never lived in your shoes⁣

the ultimate act of love ⁣


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