To someone I admire

To someone I admire: ⁣

On my first day of elementary school, going into kindergarten, you were a 5th grader. Mama asked you to find me when school let out & walk me home. ⁣

It was the end of the school day. The bell rang. I waited for you. And you found me. ⁣

Not caring what the other 5th graders thought, you took my hand & walked me home. ⁣

5 years & 9 months later I walked out of the same school as the bell rang. My last day as a 5th grader. My last day of elementary school. ⁣

I turned to walk home when I heard your voice in the distance calling my name. ⁣

I turned & there you were. Running towards me from the high school. Your last day as a sophomore. ⁣

When you reached me you were out of breath but smiling. I asked what you were doing here. ⁣

Your smile became even bigger as you said⁣

“I walked you home on your first day of elementary school.”⁣

You took my hand in yours ⁣

“I’m walking you home on your last day” ⁣

And you did. ⁣

We held hands the entire way home⁣

I never looked up to anyone as much as I looked up & still look up to you. ⁣

Thank you for being the most incredible big sister. ⁣

My Sisy. ⁣

Miss you every single day. But thankful for everyday I had with you. ⁣

Love you always, your Tay Tay⁣

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