To my inner child

To my inner child: ⁣

I’m so sorry I didn’t see or speak to you during the years I was so sick. ⁣

I thought I had lost you forever. ⁣

I thought you were to be only a memory. ⁣

Never to feel you again. ⁣

But you came back to me. ⁣

You forgave me. ⁣

You understood what I had gone through. ⁣

You comforted me even though I am the adult. ⁣

You showed me what it means to feel free again. ⁣

I’m able to play because of you. ⁣

I’m able to laugh because of you. ⁣

To be silly⁣
feisty ⁣
fearless ⁣
confident ⁣

To be me⁣

And to love myself. ⁣

I realize now I was pushing you away even before I got sick. ⁣

You always loved me, even when I didn’t love myself. ⁣

You waited patiently. ⁣

You have more patience then me. ⁣

I will never forget what it felt like to lose you. ⁣

For now & forever on I’m keeping you close. ⁣

I love you ⁣


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