time for me to start flooding my page with all my travel photos from my recent solo road trip

Okay, time for me to start flooding my page with all my travel photos from my recent solo road trip

🤨👊 #readysetgo 🌵😆

Starting with Joshua Tree NP !!!

First off I want to give major props to everyone out there who have the patience to take photos of yourself that are not selfies lol. I spent a good amount of time trying to set up my cameras & then yelling at my GoPro with the voice commands. My GoPro is not a fan of my accent 😑 We very much have a love/hate relationship. I’m either talking to it very kindly, trying to prompt it to work for me & then I’m the crazy chick out in the desert yelling ”GoPro take photo” over and over again 🙈🤣 Looking at all the photos from the trip in my phone I gave up trying to use voice command or setting up my cameras after Joshua Tree NP, which was my first stop #patienceisavirtue but not a virtue I tend to have lol. I just don’t want to spend the majority of my trip trying to take the “perfect shots” of myself to share with everyone vs truly experiencing the moment in these incredible locations. This is something that took me time to figure out. In the past when I first started building my social media platforms I obsessed over the “perfect shot”. Getting frustrated & even pissed off when I wasn’t able to capture exactly what I wanted. A lot of times I was comparing myself to other people’s pages & photos. I was more interested in the “experiences” I took on my phone to share with everyone & ended up missing out on the real experiences all around me. I think we all, at one time or another, get lost in our phones & in the fake perfection of social media. Which social media has been greatly influenced by the fake world of advertising. With the picturesque “perfect” lives & “perfect” bodies, everything to make us feel we are lacking & need more. I believe that is why so many of us are longing for authenticity. We desire what is real. For what is real & authentic we can truly connect with on a deeper & more personal level. I have more to share on my personal experiences with this in coming posts #liveauthentically #goprotakeaphoto🤣

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