This solo trip has been more than I could have ever had dreamt it to be

This solo trip has been more than I could have ever had dreamt it to be.

Morning play at Joshua Tree National Park, sunset at the Grand Canyon National Park, climbing adventures in Sedona, driving through the Petrified Forest National Park, Los Alamos where I finally got to meet the incredible soul @kevinmsutton in person ((so great seeing you!)), climbing ladders at Bandelier National Monument, feeling like I was in Alice in Wonderland at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, exploring Santa Fe Plaza, & then making it home to visit my family in Oklahoma 😄

40 hours & 2 thousand miles of driving!! My health is doing INCREDIBLE!! I’m exhausted lol but I’m not sick or in pain from this trip … ok the big purple & black bruise on my left butt cheek hurts pretty bad ((I tripped over air while hiking at Sedona and ended up crashing my left cheek in a very pointy rock 🙈 good times lol 🤣)) but other than that I’m great!! II couldn’t be more happy!! After spending close to 7 years fighting for my health, majority of that time spent in bed, on the bathroom floor, or at a doctor’s office, to be able to travel on my own & do as much as I was able to do is a dream come to true. I’m truly the happiest I’ve been in a long time 💚

I want to say a big thank you to each of you for all your incredible love & support. Truly it means so very much to me. Lots of love!! Hugs to!!

PS Can’t wait to share all the pictures I took 😆🚗🏜

 #traveltheworld #liveyourdreams #healthwarrior #nevergiveupneversurrender 👈 name that movie ((hint Alan Rickman))

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

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