This is for the women who do not give a flying fuck

This is for the women who do not give a flying fuck.

For the women who are criticized for showing off their bodies. Being told they are begging for attention & compliments. No, we are not begging for anything. We are empowered by our bodies. We are in love with ourselves. We have a confidence & presence that we want to share with the world. ⁣

For most of us we have spent years hating our bodies. We have spent years looking in the mirror & being disgusted by what we saw. We have spent years hurting our bodies by over exercising & not eating enough. We have denied ourselves food & have starved ourselves. We have caused our body multiple injuries by pushing ourselves too hard without any rest. We have spent years pointing out every “flaw” & “imperfection”’. We have had panic attacks while looking at the scale. We have obsessively tracked the number of inches of our arms, boobs, waste, hips, thighs, & ass. We have compared ourselves to every other woman we see. We have judged ourselves harshly & irrationally. We have done it all in this unattainable hunt for perfection. ⁣

But we are coming to realize we are perfectly imperfect. We are beginning to love ourselves deeply for who we are. Instead of hurting our bodies with our critical judgment, we instead are embracing ourselves. ⁣

We no longer want to hide what we once we thought was ugly. We want to show how fucking beautiful we are. ⁣

Some may say “these women show off their bodies because they are vain & they just want more likes, followers, & attention” Fuck those people. Never hide yourself away because that is what others tell you to do. Or the comments of “isn’t it degrading as a woman to sexualize your body? How can you call yourself a feminist?” I’m a sexy & sensual woman who is empowered by my body & that in itself is a form feminism. ⁣

Fuck the haters ⁣
Unfollow, unfriend, & block those who bring you down. They are not worth your time & energy. ⁣





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