There is too much judgment in this world. And for the record …

There is too much judgment in this world.

Too much self righteous bullshit.

We are all just trying to live our lives & be who we want to be.

So for the record: ⁣
I don’t use all natural products ⁣
I whiten my teeth & I had braces⁣
I receive balayage treatments to get those magical highlights. ⁣
I’m meticulous to my body hair ⁣
I wax my brows & bikini ⁣
I shave my legs & my armpits ⁣
I do agree that the hair removing multi billion industry has made us all suckers – me included obviously ⁣
I don’t practice yoga on my mat daily ⁣
I do meditate daily ⁣
I get my flu shot ⁣
I have received all my vaccinations & am glad my parents got me vaccinated ⁣
I take birth control pills ⁣
I take prescription medications ⁣
I use cannabis ⁣
I went naked on the Big Island⁣
I am pro choice ⁣
I don’t eat all organic & natural ⁣
I am not vegan ⁣
I adopt & rescue my pets from shelters & pounds⁣
I donate as much as I can to non profits & if a non profit comes to me for an “influencing” collaboration I do not accept payment ⁣
I was raised Christian. From the age of 16 to my mid twenties I referred to myself as a Buddhist. Today I believe both Christian & Buddhist philosophies have shaped my spirituality. I lean towards agnostic now. ⁣
Even though this post is about being no judge mental & I do my best to be nonjudgemental, like everyone else I have my moments of judging myself & others ⁣
I am ambitious & can be consumed in achieving what I want ⁣
I can be very stubborn ⁣
I have a temper ⁣
I have a 3 strikes your out mindset ⁣
I curse⁣
I masturbate ⁣
A lot of my yoga clothes are great for photoshoots but not for practice ((the boobies just pop out!!)) ⁣
I’m for the free the nipple movement 👆🤣⁣
I find serial killers fascinating & watch a lot of true crime ⁣
I’m not a fan of the whole “be positive” nothing negative movement ⁣
I don’t know if I want to have children one day ⁣
I get my energy from myself & not from others ⁣
I have already flipped one driver off today & called another driver a mother fucker ⁣
I’m not perfect nor strive for perfection ⁣
I don’t mind showing off my body⁣
I make mistakes⁣
I am always growing, changing, & discovering new parts of myself ⁣

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