I keep repeating to myself “There is so much strength in resting.” I’ve been resting now with this latest flare for the majority of February – everyday except for February 4th to be exact. Today the fatigue & brain fog are a bit bad. I’m working to wake my body up… I always fear I’m going to get trapped in this state of being. Longing to more but physically & mentally unable to. I know this flare up is due to my hormones. I was feeling better yesterday when my period started. The symptoms of nausea, inflammation, pain, & breast pain have all gone down but now I’m left warn & exhausted… maybe to be expected after all the fighting my body had had to do the several days. I’m just ready for my internal sunshine to began cascading out of every one of my cells where I can feel like myself again. I know the sunshine is there. And the wisdom wouldn’t come without the storms… but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was ready for these clouds to break. ⁣

PC: @nolan.weisser
Wearing @onzie ⁣

⁣ #YogisPlayCupid Head Heels Inversion / Bridge will be my Cupid’s Bow too so I can stay off my pelvis. Thank you to all the lovely participants, hosts, & sponsors who are being so kind with me during this challenge. I would have loved to participate more with new pictures but as you can see I’m not doing too well. But I’m supporting each & everyone of you with your beautiful galleries! So much love 💚

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