@theflilife APRIL 23, 2020⁣

So excited to be part of this incredible event 🏜💚 @kristopher_bowen @rob4realz @brochlassig ⬸ making the vision a reality! ⁣

Words from Kris welcoming you to @theflilife! ↴⁣

“April 23rd, 2020 is going to be one of the most rewarding days of my life. Our first ever FLI Life event will be located in one of the most beautiful places on earth – Zion National Park.⁣

It all started in a stranger’s house in the middle of a house-party in Maine over 15 years ago. I’ve been able to connect with other exceptional leaders (Rob Adams Broch Lassig) that share in the passion to make this a reality.⁣

This is NOT a digital detox or a yoga retreat, but a self-discovery retreat without the distractions we have every day in our lives. The rules are simple – No Digital Technology, No Networking, No Phones, Internet or Screens, No Work-Talk, No Clocks, No Boss, No Stress, No Anxiety, No Alcohol/Drugs.⁣

We will be working with our guests to rediscover themselves, without the world of distractions surrounding us. We will be teaching them what it means to have a FLI Life. FLI = Fulfillment, Liberation, and Intention.⁣

A couple of the classes we will be teaching will be…Designing your FLI Life, Fulfillment through Mindfulness, Liberation through Congruency, Intentional Mornings. Couple this with horseback riding, jeep safari tours, rock climbing, zip-lining, stargazing hikes and yoga/meditation every morning. ⁣

We are going to be putting on one of the most mind-blowing experiences for our guests in April. Videos and website launch coming soon.” ⁣

Who all wants to come?!?! ⁣
🙌🏜💚 #theflilife ⁣

📸 @zionponderosa jeep tour guy lol

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, UT

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