Thank you to everyone for your incredible love & support 💚 I’m thankful to say I’m starting to feel a little more like myself after several days being sick. I’m still rather tired but I’m far less pain, less nauseas, the inflammation in my body has gone down, & I’m no longer rushing back & forth from my bed to the bathroom. I’m looking forward to a better week filled with friends, art, hiking, & more rain 🌦 I love the sunshine but since it’s doesn’t rain that often in LA I get very excited when it does. Every spring I miss tornado season in OK, so hearing the thunder & seeing the lightening makes me feel at home 😆. Speaking of home I’m thinking of taking a trip to OK for my birthday this year. It’s my final year in my 20s so why not celebrate the big 29 with my family 💚 (not to mention ticket prices were pretty damn good – usually they are outrageous during Spring Break AND flyer points!). It’s as much as birthday present to myself as it is for my parents & kitties. I hope everyone is doing well this weekend. Share your plans & what you’re up to. Would love to know 💚 AND Welcome to Day 1 of #YogisPlayCupid Romantic heart opener so excited for this challenge! ⁣

PC: @nolan.weisser Edits @taylor_munholland Wearing @onzie ⁣

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