Well since it’s been over a week I feel assured it’s no glitch lol … 100K+ FOLLOWERS !!! HOLY SHIT FUCK !!! 🙊🤯🤣 LoL really I’m still a bit shocked !!! The first day I saw I reached 100K I called my mama for her to check my page to see if she was seeing the same number 😆 All I can say is I’m truly blown away !! I never thought my account was going to grow like this when I started it. It’s rather crazy. I remember back when I hit 1K friends on FB I went into a panic where I deleted my account & started a new one. I didn’t get on Instagram until 2016 when all my acting teachers told me I needed to make an account for its the new way of getting noticed & is a sort of visual resume. When I stopped acting to focus on my health I very much thought of getting rid of it because I didn’t see the point of having one but my smart mama told me to keep on it as a personal blog. I was very cautious about opening up about my health & battling with various conditions including Interstitial Cystitis (IC) – chronic painful bladder syndrome. I was diagnosed with IC back in 2013 & really didn’t want anyone to know for I was afraid to be seen differently, to be judged or defined by this condition. It wasn’t until 2017 that I felt confident enough to begin speaking about my health & sharing my journey. I’m very proud now to be a health advocate & bringing awareness to invisible illnesses. My page has always been my vision board. How I want to see myself & what I’m fighting for on a daily basis with my health. It’s easy to forget who you are & what you love when you are in pain or sick. I never wanted to lose sight of the true me that is happy, silly, spontaneous, outgoing, wild, confident, & free spirited. With my Instagram vision board I never lost site & I also developed a community of incredible human beings who have supported me along my journey – giving me strength & comfort when I needed it the most. I’m learning to mange my health conditions better. I’m able to LIVE. So many more adventures are coming up on this journey of mine … I’m thankful you all are with me for the ride 🌻💚👣✌️🌞 #100k#thankyouforfollowingme #love

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