taking on the climbing wall!!

Taking on the climbing wall !!!


Ever since I could walk I loved to climb. Whether it be in trees, on rocks, or jungle gyms. I was always giving my parents panic attacks lol. Hard to believe that with this love of climbing I had never tried rock climbing until now at the age of 29. I didn’t really didn’t know much about rock climbing & the climbing walls until I got on the gram. I would see people climbing these huge walls on little artificial rocks & thought “that looks incredible … but I’m not strong enough to try it”. Through my health journey it’s been a battle for me to balance knowing when to rest & knowing when to push myself past what I consider to be my limits. I admit to being competitive, more with myself then with others. I love to see how far I can go … which is not always the best thing. “I hiked 5 miles yesterday so I should hike 10 miles today” & then of course my body ends up crashing or flaring. I’ve gotten better at listening to my body. My ability to manage my chronic pain & autoimmune diseases depend on it. With not trying to push myself I can also find myself lacking in confidence. Fearful that I could make myself sick by trying something new. Often I find myself doing the same activities for I feel safe with them. When I was told the group was going to try rock climbing I was both excited & anxious. “What if I can’t do it???” But then I realized the only person who was judging me was myself & I was holding myself back. I ended up climbing to the tops of the walls ((well the second one was a bit harder but I was pretty damn close so I’m counting it lol)). Climbing is something else. I could feel my blood flowing, my heart pounding, my muscles shaking, my breath stabilizing me … it was amazing. After doing it all I could think of was of @alexhonnold in the documentary ‘Free Solo’ & his climb of El Capitan, “Damn, I get why he does it now”. My chronic pelvic pain with my interstitial cystitis did voice its opinion on me working those muscles in a new way. But after a couple day’s of rest I felt great! From stuck in bed being disabled by my chronic pain to now being able to climb … what a journey #chronicpainwarrior

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