Taking care of yourself also means having those days where you indulge & are not so strict with yourself

In the past with my health journey I had a lot of built of fears when it came to my self care routine, especially when it came to what I ate. I was on a very restrictive diet which did help my body feel better but at the same time made me so scared to eat anything off the diet. I was terrified of I ate something that was not considered healthy that make me sick. I was afraid of of the potential of what I ate leading my body into a flare with my chronic pain & autoimmune diseases. Since food is such a big part of socializing I became very isolated. I saw my actions as self care. In part with watching what I ate has been a huge part of taking care of my body but the obsession & fear for my body was damaging. In the last year I’ve begun trying new foods I used to could not eat without getting sick in the past. It was very scary at first to see how my body would react. For the most part however my body has been great with eating new things & going off my restrictive diet as long as I don’t do it too frequently. Today I’m feeling great even after going out yesterday eating pizza, tacos, a big baked cookie with ice cream, & a glass of wine! The glass of wine was one was my first alcohol beverage in the last 7 years due to my bladder condition. And today my bladder is perfectly fine! I wouldn’t eat like this or drink alcohol everyday with my conditions but it’s nice to know my body can handle it every now & then. I think the important thing about caring for yourself is finding a balance. You don’t have to eat perfect everyday, practice yoga or exercise everyday, to be taking care of yourself. Taking care of yourself also means having those days where you indulge & are not so strict with yourself. Keeps us from becoming rigid or being afraid of what could happen if we go outside our set routine. It has personally taken me quite a bit of time to figure this out but I’m glad I finally have this understanding. Life is all about balance. Thank you to everyone who took part in the #AloAboutSelfCare challenge! I have loved seeing your posts beautiful souls 💚 Abundance of love always!

#AloAboutSelfCare⁣ Day 10 🥰 @aloyoga @alo.moves

⁣📸 @nolan.weisser

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