struggle with regulating my body temperature: embr labs

Something I have found to be very difficult with my autoimmune diseases & POTS syndrome is my struggle with regulating my body temperature. On rare occasions I’ll suffer from hot flashes but mainly I suffer with getting terribly cold. A to the bone ice cold chill. I first thought it was due to the weight loss & having barely any body fat or muscle mass when I was at my sickest. However even with the gaining of weight & muscle I still struggle with these episodes of being cold. It doesn’t even have to be cold outside for it to happen. There have been multiple times when all of a sudden my lips, fingers, & toes just turn blue. I’m talking scary, no other blueberry blue, that has my friends & family rushing to get more clothes on me, blankets, hot drinks, & even using their own body heat to try to get my body temperature up as my body is shivering uncontrollably & I’m unable to speak. It’s rather scary I have to admit. I try to always have a sweater with me & keep some blankets in my car. When I travel I add extra blankets, sweaters, & bring my heating pad. Usually when I’m in that state of cold the only thing that helps is getting into a steaming hot bath followed getting on my full body heating mat that raises ones body temperature. But of course a hot bath & heating mat is not always conveniently at the ready… bit of a problem when I’m just out & about then suddenly I’m turning into a frozen blueberry. That’s why I was very excited when @embrlabs reached out to me about trying their Embr Wave Bracelet. It’s developed by MIT engineers, that helps cool you down when you’re too hot or warms you up when you’re too cold. I haven’t tried the cooling since I love being warm lol but I have tried the heating & I am stoked to say it actually works for me! I’m always skeptical with things like this lol but when I felt my body temperature dropping a few days ago, goosebumps surfacing all over my skin, I immediately got the Embr Wave bracelet out, turned on the heat & wow I got WARM! Amazing how far we have come with technology. My own little personal heater on my wrist … this ranks up there with heated car seats 😆 #ownyourtemperature  📸 @nolan.weisser

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