STAY WILD 👣⛰💚 Headstands are a pose that did help me overcome a fear. It wasn’t the fear of being upside down or the sensation of falling … though falling did play a huge role in the fear. After suffering from ovarian cyst complications, endometriosis, appendicitis, passing multiple kidney stones & then being diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (IC), also known as chronic painful bladder syndrome, & suffering from severe pelvic pain I (for good reason) became very protective of my bladder and pelvic floor. For several years my physical activity & stretching was holding butterfly pose for a few seconds until I was able to handle longer periods of time. My yoga practice was all breath work & accepting my body for where it was at. As many of you know who have followed my journey know I was disabled by my interstitial cystitis a few years ago. When I was given the ok by my physical therapist & doctors to be more physical & stretch deeper I was excited but also scared to death. My chronic pain with my bladder is worse then any kidney stone I’ve passed – including the stuck ones that needed surgery for removal. It’s debilitating. For the longest time I always kept my arms around my bladder region as a safe guard. But I became more confident & reassured with time. Tackled bridge pose, camel, dancer, WHEEL – all scary because I was testing my pelvic floor. Believe me it took time & patience. The headstand was so damn scary for so much pelvic floor strength is used to get your legs off the ground & then if you fall over that’s one deep backbend. I first practiced against a wall to ensure there would be no falling over & focused on strengthening. Eventually I left the wall. The times I’ve fallen over – yeah doesn’t feel that great BUT it didn’t set me into a flare or tear scar tissue (which I was very scared of both). I still get a little anxious even though I LOVE being in a headstand. This one was the first one I’ve done after my most recent Hydrodistention surgery. Took some time for me to test the waters but in the end I got up, it felt wonderful, & I didn’t fall over 😆 ⁣

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Yosemite National Park, California

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