Standing splits fun & LOVING MYSELF 😆💚⁣⁣

Standing splits fun & LOVING MYSELF 😆💚⁣⁣

It’s funny the other day I called my momma with all seriousness as I was looking at my page “Momma, not saying this as egotistical or anything … but am I getting more beautiful as I get older?” My momma replied “Yes, yes you are.” Me “What’s up with that?? You think it’s the face creams or hair product I’m using?” My Momma “It’s because you’re happy”. This is why my momma is my greatest yoga teacher. She doesn’t practice yoga on the mat & does not consider herself as a yogi but she teaches me everyday on the principles that are yoga in the mental & spiritual. It’s true I’m so damn happy. I haven’t felt this happy in a long time. I feel so beautiful, bright, fierce … so fucking confident with myself. I don’t know the last time I loved myself this much. It’s like how I was when I was kid, the harsh judgements are gone. But it’s even better than when I was a kid because I know what it feels like to judge to myself & to overcome that & just love myself for me it’s so damn empowering. I’m smiling & crying at the same time as I write this. I hope everyone gets a chance to feel this. Fuck the judgements. Know you are beautiful, intelligent, strong, sexy, fierce, & unstoppable. Love you 💚 #ILoveMyself ⁣

Music @michaelhausted ⁣”You Run In My Veins”
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