Got to the trails at Crystal Lake but they were still packed with snow … but the sign made it the perfect place to practice my standing splits 🤣✌️🏔💚 ⁣⁣
Now when it comes to my standing splits it’s taken me a lot of time & practice – I like to remind everyone that this didn’t just happen over night! There was a lot of splits practicing while growing up in the dance world & then I’ve had my yoga practice for the last 13 years. And even when I’m sick you will find me doing hip opener stretches for it helps open my pelvic floor where the majority of my chronic pain is located. Along with all that I would say my hips are pretty naturally open. I love giving this reminder for I don’t want anyone to feel discouraged with their practice or body from looking at my pictures. There are plenty of poses I can’t do & to be frank yoga isn’t about the best pose price on social media … it’s about growing, loving, awareness, acceptance & for me my practice has become more about letting shit go, being playful, & not taking life so damn seriously which includes not taking my yoga practice so damn seriously – to have fun with it! Standing splits does make me feel flexible. And it challenges my flexibility on any given day – if you’re the friend taking the photo you get to see me stretch out & move into the pose multiple times before hitting my “fuck yes” mark lol or if I don’t do the proper stretching you would get to see me have a terrible cramp & make scene 🤣 I would say I’m at the most flexible I’ve ever been in my life – which I never thought I would match my flexibility as a child … it’s a whole lot more work as an adult. As a kid I could flop my body into any crazy position … now it’s really feeling everything out with full awareness to prevent injuring or a flare up with my chronic pain. It’s a much deeper, in-tuned, practice. I love it. I also love that I’m less serious about it. It’s far more fun to practice while smiling & laughing 😆💚 ⁣⁣⁣
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