Some of my art from this year ✍🏼

Some of my art from this year ✍🏼



One of the greatest things with me doing so much better with my health is feeling inspired & passionate again. When I was sick I didn’t have any desire to create. I couldn’t lean over to do the work since it caused additional pain to my bladder & pelvic floor. I’ve tried drawing strait in front of me but it’s as if my perceptions of what I am drawing cannot be formed that way. Without art I felt like a huge part of myself had been taken away. It felt like another thing my debilitating chronic pain with interstitial cystitis had taken from me. This year when the symptoms became manageable & I felt like me again I was both excited & fearful of getting back to my art. Excited to have that part of me back. Yet fearful since it had been 7 years since I creating & what if I couldn’t do it anymore. I pushed the fears aside. If I ended up not drawing as well or it didn’t come naturally like it used to then I would just need to practice… Turned out that my drawing hand, my eyes, my brain, & soul did not forget. I’m drawing better than I ever have. It’s more instinctual. I feel & then my hand with the pencil does the rest. #dowhatyoulove #create #beinspired


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