There are the days I’m out on adventures & then there are other days I’m fighting hard for my health. The past few days I’ve been fighting for my health. When having an autoimmune disease your body is in a constant state of fighting. Your body’s immune system attacks & damages its own tissues. This decreases the body’s ability fight invaders which makes the body more vulnerable to viruses & infections. I have multiple autoimmune diseases – though personally I believe all these diseases are connected & I believe them to be caused by multiple factors including genetics, environmental triggers (gut dysbiosis/infections/dietary factors) & the theory of the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) being an autoimmune trigger – this theory goes deep into cells / protein / transcription factors which needs more research. It’s all very complicated as you can see. When having autoimmune diseases your life is about managing symptoms & giving your body as much defense as you can give. You may recall I had swimmer’s ear a few weeks ago that made me very sick, followed by severe allergy attacks, & then came two little bumps on my face that turned really ugly. I’m still not sure if this terrible skin reaction was from being cold sores, insect sting/bite, shingles (though I’ve been vaccinated after having it several times), or an autoimmune reaction of my skin from my immune system having been weak (all I’ve experienced before). All I know is that two little bumps blistered terribly, oozed, bleed, burned, cracked, stung, itched & hurt like crazy. I decided Monday after feeling feverish & these sores looking worse that I needed something stronger than my immune supporting herbs & get out the antibiotics. I don’t take antibiotics lightly since I was over prescribed them throughout my life – my autoimmune diseases not being diagnosed when growing up were thought to be infections. I was on antibiotics all the time. Thankfully the antibiotics are doing the trick. Crazy how ones my body can spiral when having autoimmune diseases … my first aid kits look like I work at an integrative hospital 🏥😂

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