SoCal 🌞Majority of the year bikini weather 🤙 💋

SoCal 🌞Majority of the year bikini weather 🤙 💋

It’s November & the high for today in Los Angeles is suppose to be 80°F, tomorrow 90°F, & Monday 88°F before dropping down to the 60s° to 70s° ((which everyone will be putting on their down coats & parkas lol being from Oklahoma it’s really funny yet at the same time I would be lying if I wasn’t getting out the sweatpants & coco with great enthusiasm 😂)) What’s the weather like where are you are at?? Do you live in a place that experiences seasons or is it pretty much the same year round?? Going to be soaking up that sunshine this weekend – Vitamin D please 😉 #SoCalVibes #BikinisInWinter

📸 @nolan.weisser

Huntington Beach, CA

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