With my sixth hydrodistention/cystoscopy coming up in June (my tenth surgery in six years) I thought I would share more about this part of my health journey. For those of you who don’t know I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (IC), chronic painful bladder syndrome, in September of 2013. I believe I’ve always had IC that I was able to manage growing up but it became terribly severe to the point it disabled me when I was 23. I lost 40 pounds when I was at my sickest due to the severity of pain. I tried bladder installations (catheter treatments), various medications, & other treatments to help manage the symptoms. The treatments that made a HUGE impact were cannabis, pelvic floor physical therapy, changes to my diet (eliminating bladder irritating food & uncovering food sensitivities), the Mona Lisa Touch laser treatment, acupuncture, & hydrodistentions. Hydrodistentions are an outpatient procedure under anesthesia where the bladder is filled to a high pressure with fluid. I have ulcerative IC which means my bladder has ulcers or lesions. My first hydrodistention my bladder was said to look like “meatloaf” & following the first 4 distentions I peed out a lot of blood. Thankfully with my last distention, even though I still had some ulcers, my bladder looked incredibly healthier & I peed no blood. I’m hoping this distention coming up will be just as good. I’m very much ready to have it done. My bladder has been hurting worse lately, more painful bloated days where I feel the need to pee but am unable to go, & then of course have the moments when my bladder does release without giving any notice aka I wet myself. So I think my bladder is ready for the good stretch & cleanup that it receives from distentions. I’ll be honest it’s frustrating for me to have to receive these every year; going under anesthesia, not knowing how my body will respond or how fast I’ll recover, hospital & travel bills … though the worst is the past traumas of being sick that it triggers in me. Hospitals, being poked at, my parents worried faces behind supportive smiles … it hits hard. Despite all that I’m thankful that this treatment works to treat my IC 💚 #interstitialcystitis

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