Well since I’m already in a squatting position let’s chat poop 💩😹 If you’ve been following me for a while then it’s no surprise to hear I suffer from chronic constipation with my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). If you’re new to following me well now you know! I’ve been struggling with bowel movements since the time I was potty trained. Was sent to the hospital twice for backed up & blocked poop in my intestines. Was diagnosed with IBS at 7 years old. Constipation is a pain in the ass (figuratively & literally). Pooping shouldn’t be so damn hard yet too many of us struggle with it. I’ve tried a lot of treatments which often work in the beginning but then my IBS says “HA! I figured you out!” Diet changes, the classic metamucil, fuck ton of fiber, laxatives, enemas, massage, acupuncture & cupping, juicing & broth, aloe, oils – name something to try & I bet I have done it lol … yet my body still fought to poop. My @squattypotty helps immensely but I still struggle. I decided after a lot of consideration to try a new medication – I believe in integrative medicine – both “conventional” & “alternative” medicine. With this new med I have been able to have regular & daily bowel movements which has completely changed my life! I’m feeling so much better on it 🙏💩 The shitty sides -pun intended 😉-is that there are only two dosages, it can speed up the movement of the bowels so much that accidents do happen (pads at night) & even WITH insurance it costs $150+ a month 🤯 #fuckbigfarma In the end I’m THANKFUL I’M POOPING & THANKFUL THIS MED WORKS but can we place raise AWARENESS on CONSTIPATION. Too many of us deal with it. Not being able to poop shouldn’t be the norm. We should just all be able to squat & go, end of story ✌️💩 #ibs #realchat#poop 📸 @forsoother2718 (hey cuz you pooping ok??? Love ya 😘) Taken at Mammoth Lakes, CA. 

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