sharing our health journeys so we no longer feel so alone

When I first started having more severe health issues with my bladder, uterus, ovaries, vagina, & gut I didn’t like talking about it. I admit I was embarrassed. We grow up in our world where we don’t talk about poop, we laugh at others when they fart, if you’re a girl we still hide our tampons/pads/cups until we get into a private stall in the bathroom. I grew up however in a house where we spoke about it all. Poop is in regular conversation. Farting we go with the old saying “better out then in”. My dad will go to the store and purchase me items for my period if I need him to. With all that being said I didn’t really get comfortable talking about my health & being so open until two years ago. I had my concerns about being open. I was afraid I would have a harder time being employed since I thought I would be discriminated by my health problems. And then I was concerned with the idea that no one would want to date me if I spoke so openly about my poop, bladder, vagina, & everything else that went with my health. But then something clicked in me where I thought “fuck it”. My health journey is part of who I am. If a job or relationship has a problem with me speaking so openly well then fuck them. I would be doing a disservice to all of you who I advocate for and a disservice to myself if I didn’t share. I remember back in college going into whispers while asking for a tampon & then hiding it in my hand until I was inside the women’s bathroom … but why? Why hide the fact that the majority of women bleed once a month … Why be silent or try to hide it?? Who is it making uncomfortable?? I remember being laughed at in elementary school, 1st grade to be exact, for farting during sharing time … but who doesn’t fart??? Why are we so up tight about the functions of our bodies?? This is why so many of us with health problems feel so alone. We should feel able to talk openly about it without the fear of judgement or ridicule. I would say more of us have health issues then we know. I can’t think of a single friend or family member who has perfect health. So let’s talk about it. Let’s share our journeys together so we no longer feel alone in our battles 💚

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