About a year back I was walking around the grocery store with my shopping bags as I always do to save myself from having to throw away plastic or paper. Well as I was pulling out the little plastic bags the produce, one after the other, I thought “what the fuck am I doing??? What’s the good of bringing my own bags when I’m still taking so much plastic home with me from these little bags?” While in the grocery store I became one of those annoying people who just stop in the middle of the aisle to take out their phone lol 🤣🙈 I was in a state of “I’m doing this wrong, how can I make it right?!” Well of course I called my mom & went on a rampage about me being so inconsiderate to Mother Earth with all the produce plastic bags I throw away & how could I be so careless. I get pretty hard on myself when it comes to me not doing my part in being eco friendly. After my rampage I went home looking for small bags in the house that I didn’t use regularly that I could use for my produce since I’m just not a fan of putting the produce on the checkout line area (I’m a little germaphobic to be honest) Funny enough the next day I received reusable mesh produce bags sent to me from my momma 🤣🤗 she’s a fixer – it’s like that kid show “Bob The Builder” where everyone says “Can we fix it? Yes we can!”, that is my momma lol. So every time I go grocery shopping now I have my bags to carry my groceries & my smaller reusable mesh produce bags – which I love whenever I go to the store there will be at least one person who asks me where I got my little bags since they too always feel so bad about the plastic they are throwing away. I always feel like some eco friendly trendsetter 😆. And incase you were wondering where you can get such bags my momma purchased them on amazon but I’m sure other places sell them too. I highly recommend them! 🥦🍎🥒🍇⁣ #JUNGLEASANAS Day 3: Tiger ⁣⁣

PC: @nolan.weisser wearing @onzie ⁣⁣⁣

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