Overwhelming joy & happiness with my health yet so much to think about

So much of my life right now is an abundance of overwhelming joy & happiness with my health 😄💚Yet at the same time there is so much to think about. I’ve been talking to my friends & family along with being deep in my own thoughts about what I want to do now that my health is so much better. Obviously I want to travel but need to make money to do so. While being as sick as I was, I was unable to work. I couldn’t maintain a part time job let alone a full time job. Spent so much time stuck in bed or in a doctors offices or on the bathroom floor. It’s weird & hard to think about the past. It’s hard to face that my disease was killing me. My mom when she was living with me & being my caregiver would wake me up while I was sleeping just to make sure I was still alive. I can’t imagine what my parents were going through. Seven years it took me to reach this point in my health. Four of those years was learning to live with my diseases & able to do daily functions without being dependent on others. Moving to CA helped with that. I was no longer 100% dependent on my family & medical team. I found a confidence & independence I might not have had if I had never moved. I’m beyond grateful for the support I have received from my family, friends, & medical team. I would most likely have been become disabled by my diseases & in extreme debt if it hadn’t been for the help I’ve received. And I’m so glad my mom pushed me to keep up my social media presence where I’ve become a creator & influencer – a world I never would have thought I would be into with my past social media anxiety. In itself its given me confidence while sick & a community I love. The question now is employment other than content creating & influencing. Even though they help financially it’s not enough for me to be able afford everything I want to do & experience – let’s face it traveling isn’t cheap, getting licensed in scuba diving/skydiving/ & everything else I want to do are no small fees. And my medical insurance $$$. I’ll figure it out though. I’m confident of that. Now that my health is FUCKING GREAT I feel UNSTOPPABLE #fightforyourdreams #interstitialcystitis #chronicpainwarrior

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