One of the greatest things about my health improving is being able to travel & go on adventures. I always have had a love for Mama Earth but my appreciation & love has grown even more has I’ve fought so hard to get my life back from my fight with chronic pain & autoimmune diseases. I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty & extraordinary greatness that is all around me. I believe this love & passion for being outside grew within me for I have felt stuck inside sick for so many years. These last six years has very much been me battling for my health while in my apartment or my parents home or at my doctors offices & hospitals. Before getting sick I strived to be a successful working actress with that dream of winning an Oscar. Now my dream is to see the world. To visit, to hike, to explore as many places as I can. I love this new dream. I once felt broken & a deep loss for my acting dream but now it no longer feels like a loss … It strangely feels like a gain. It’s as if I’m coming home. I feel a deep passion burning inside me. I know I will most likely always have some limitations with my fight in managing my health but within those moments I’m limited, I’m truly at my strongest. For I’m fighting. Fighting for my fire to burn bright. Fighting to live my dreams. Fighting for each of my warrior sisters & brothers who are fighting too. Being a voice to keep going. My health struggle is a fucker but what I’ve been able to achieve & advocate I’m very proud of. With my middle fingers raised proud & high in the air to chronic pain, autoimmune diseases & health conditions. They can never win when we keep screaming “NO, THIS IS MY LIFE & YOU CAN’T TAKE IT FROM ME” 💚🌻🎗#HealthWarriorAdvocate#interstitialcystitisawareness
#chronicillness #endometriosis#potssyndrome #ibs #colitis#kidneystones #hypoglycemia#hormonalhealth#painfulbladdersyndrome #chronicpain#autoimmunedisease

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