One of my heroes, Dr. Shea Samara 💚⁣

One of my heroes, Dr. Shea Samara 💚⁣

Dr. Shea has been my urologist for the last 6 years. He’s been by my side through some very hard patches. He’s the one who diagnosed me with my interstitial cystitis, chronic painful bladder syndrome, back in 2013. He’s been by my side through the bladder installations, kidney stones, two stuck kidney stone removal surgeries, & six hydrodistention surgeries to treat my interstitial cystitis. He’s listened to my fears, supported me when I felt like giving up, & has provided me with hope & strength through some of my hardest times. He’s seen me from being pushed in a wheelchair following visits because I was too sick to walk to now striding out of the office with pure ease & happiness. I couldn’t be more thankful to have such supportive doctor by my side. ⁣

One of the greatest things is seeing the huge smiles on my doctors faces when they see me now for checkups. Pure joy & happiness in seeing me doing so well. I couldn’t be grateful for having a medical team who cares so deeply. They are family to me. ⁣

Dr. Shea, thank you for helping me to manage my interstitial cystitis & those damn kidney stones — knock on wood we’ve seen the last of those! Thank you for providing me with so much support on this health journey of mine. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you. You are a bright light in my life & I’m sure a bright light for the majority of your patients. Keep shining. Always with so much love, Tay 💚 #interstitialcystitisawareness

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