No longer holding back

My goal for my social media pages has always been to be as authentic & real as possible. I’ve found it important to share my journey whether it be the good times or the hard times. However I did find myself holding myself back on everything I wanted to share. This was in part due to comparing myself to other people’s pages & admittedly a lack of confidence in myself. I wanted to share what I thought others wanted see vs what I wanted to share. That’s why for first two years of building my social media pages I dedicated my pages to sharing yoga poses, which I felt very confident with & knew people would like seeing. Yoga is a huge part of my life but not the only part. I decided to make the shift of transforming my pages to be less about my yoga photos & more about my day to day life in 2019. I was very curious to see if people would continue to follow me if I posted less photos of me in flexible poses & more of just me in my daily life & adventures. I thought for sure I would have a lot of people unfollow me. But I reached the decision that I didn’t care if I was unfollowed. It was a “fuck it” moment. Turns out more people began following my journey which I have to say thank you for supporting & being part of my tribe. I will of course continue to share my yoga practice but just not as frequently. My yoga practice has always been less about the physical aspects & more about the mental & spiritual philosophies & cultivating them into my daily life. My practice is much more done off the mat then on it. Though of course me saying this doesn’t mean I think there is anything wrong with accounts who share only yoga photos. YOUR PAGE, DO YOU. For me I love sharing the parts of myself I used to think weren’t “social media worthy”. Posting selfies, nature shots, & whatever else I feel like sharing. It’s far less stressful than trying to come up with the “perfect” shots & captions and instead just share what’s on my mind at any particular moment. I believe we would much happier & free if we were less concerned about the likes & follows, since it’s truly a fuckery with our heads, & more about sharing ourselves openly & authentically to build long lasting connections 💚

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