next road trip adventure in the morning 😄💚

My car is packed & I’m set for my next road trip adventure in the morning 😄💚 Tomorrow is a long strait drive from Oklahoma to Arizona. Looking at 13-14 hours of driving. I’ve got my Spotify playlists updated & ready to ROCK!! I’ve loved being home visiting my family & friends in Oklahoma but I’m very much ready to do some more traveling & explore new places. I can’t remember the last time I traveled by car in the winter … it was most likely that trip where I ended up driving in a white out in Colorado 😮 So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the weather & roads will be nice to me as I make my way to Utah. I used to never travel in the winter since my bladder would flare badly with the interstitial cystitis terribly whenever I became cold, one of the reasons why I’ve lived in Southern California for the last five years. I do notice my bladder still becomes a bit more achy when I’m in colder climates but it’s no longer a severe pain that makes me drop to my knees. I know from the cystoscopies (scopes of bladder) that my bladder is doing incredibly better. My first cystoscopy I was told my bladder looked like a bloody meatloaf ((great image lol)) but now it’s all pretty & pink with fewer ulcers ☺️ But I also think I have a higher pain tolerance after years of dealing with chronic pain. I think it’s like constant tapping or pressure that I’ve just become accustomed to. Like right now as I’m typing this caption I can feel the regular aches, throbbing, & pressure in my bladder but since it’s not severe I don’t think too much of it. This pain is manageable. And manageable is great in my books. Remission would be better of course 😆 maybe one day 🤞 Until then I’m just so happy that I’m physically able to travel. I’m no longer afraid when I go on the road with the fears that I’m going to get sick, flare, or end up having to go to the hospital. It’s liberating. With each trip my confidence is growing & my my heart is soaring. One of the goals for this year is to build enough confidence in my health where I feel ready to travel outside of the United States. There is so much of the world I want to see & I’m not going to let anything stand in my way 🌏🙌💚 #keepgoing

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