I may have reached a place with my interstitial cystitis (chronic painful bladder syndrome) that I’m able to (with awareness & really listen to my body) jog & do core work! The last three days I’ve gone to the gym & inclined walked with intervals of jogging followed by core work. 6 years ago … even a year ago jogging seemed to be out of the picture. Hell I thought jogging would always be out of the picture after damaging nerves in my left foot when I was 16 from dancer training & over exercising. I’ve been working to restrengthen my left foot but in the past it caused a lot of problems with either just numbing out & not feeling like a foot was there or excruciating pain from the foot all the way up to my hip. But it doesn’t cause me as much problems as it used to; thankfully so after 13 years. And then my bladder would always flare after trying to jog & do core work. I’m a bit achy but it’s a muscular ache & not chronic pain or the severe inflammation that comes with it. In the past, before learning to listen to my body, if I wasn’t experiencing pain than I would push myself even harder – past my limits (why I was ending up in physical therapy all the time 🙈). I was very competitive with myself. Always trying to beat my own records; burned this number of calories had to burn the next day / went this many miles had to go further the next day – it was that way with EVERYTHING. I think it’s good to have a competitive drive but you have to know when to slow down. It’s all about balance. That’s why as soon as my body says “ok that was good” that’s when I slow down or stop. The last thing I want to do is to end up causing damage on scar tissue or cause a flare where I get a well deserved talking to by my medical team. I’ve also found I’m more patient with my body. More accepting. It’s a nice change. And I’m pretty sure my body is happy with me too ☺️🙏💚⁣

Thank you to my team for believing in me!! @optimalhealthassociates Dr Williams shoutout! @universalfamilywellness Mike Niss shoutout! @integrishealth Dr Shea shoutout! Physical Therapy with Brooke Berg shoutout! @blainestrong personal training shoutout! @yogaalliance 500hr YTT – be a better teacher & student!

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