NEVER GIVE UP! 🌻💚 I haven’t spoken about my health in a while so I thought I would give a little update. Overall I would say I’m doing better! I’ve been having issues with constipation again & the inability to poop without the help of enemas. I’m currently trying new herbs & taking a higher dose of probiotics. If nothing changes I’m going to just suck it up & start taking castor oil … I’m not the biggest fan taking oils strait … last time I took a tablespoon of coconut oil I spent the night on my bathroom floor throwing it up… so as you can imagine I’m hesitant about trying oils again but if it gets my bowels working then it will be worth it. Also going to start back up on the electroacupuncture to help get my colon going again. IBS / chronic constipation is terribly frustrating & painful. Pooping should be something easy & natural. But despite my poop issues I’m doing pretty well 🤗 I had a quick period which is always a call for celebration – 5 days & spent the majority of the time resting & accepting all the up and down emotions & PMS. Game of Thrones, Dexter, Disney, & Kung Fu Panda helped pass the time 😉 Which who else is so fucking excited about GOT?!?! SUNDAY!!! But until then it’s time for this girl to get back to her adventures since I’m feeling pretty damn good!! 😄🌻💚☀️ Sending bunches of love to each & every one of you! Hang in there & keep fighting for your dreams. Live your dreams. #YouAreStrong ⁣

Lancaster, CA

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