I want to share my yoga practice from today as I’m flaring with my Interstitial Cystitis, chronic painful bladder syndrome. It’s a lot different from the last video I posted. Yet both videos are me. And in both videos I have the same chronic autoimmune disease. This is to spread awareness. Awareness for those suffering with health conditions. It’s a struggle, a fight, & is often hidden from the rest of the world. I used to hide my fight out of fear. I then realized how could anyone possibly understand what I’m going through if I don’t open up & share. There are truly no words or ways to truly describe how I’m feeling when my body is flaring. I just let the tears fall & hope for a better day tomorrow. And I’m hopeful tomorrow will be a better day since this storm in my body feels like it’s passing. Thank you always for your love & support. #interstitialcystitisawareness Music from @themayries “Blowin’ In the Wind – Songs of Dylan” ⠀⠀

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If you are new to my journey then here is a short version of my health battle. I was diagnosed with IC five years ago, though I believe to have had it all my life. The exact cause is unknown but what is known for my specific case is that I have a defect in the protective lining of my bladder which can toxic substances in my urine causing damage to my bladder wall. It causes severe chronic inflammation & pain. 5 years ago I went into a debilitating flare. I lost 40 pounds in a couple months (I’m proud to say I’ve gained back 20 of those lost pounds), I could barely walk, was wetting myself, & passing out on the toilet when the urine would not flow, & peeing blood. And I feared this disease would take my life from me. Now after multiple treatments including physical therapy, vaginal laser treatments, medications, acupuncture, medical Cannabis, diet, & 5 hydrodistention surgeries, I’m doing so much better. I no longer feel disabled by my condition. I admit I still fear it for I can never forget what it did to my body. But I’m more confident now. I recognize the warning signs & triggers. #onebreathatatime

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