My souvenir from my road trip 🙈🍑

My souvenir from my road trip 🙈🍑


Well at least the bruise matches my favorite hiking socks & I needed some more red to balance out all the teal in this shot ((artist mind)) lol. I got this sexy bruise while adventuring in Sedona … I would love to share an epic story about how I was climbing up a boulder as a poisonous snake came out of nowhere & bit me right in my bootay 😲🐍 But instead the truth is I’m just a klutz who trips over air & ends up jamming my left cheek into a very pointy rock 😅 Good times, damn good times lol. But hey at least it gave me a reason to take a photo of my ass .. you’re welcome #jk 😉 💯🤣 #klutzlife #bruise #matchesmysocks

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