My heart soars 💚 I began practicing yoga at the age of sixteen. A severe injury lead me to my path of yoga. I was a dancer who was constantly practicing & training for performances and competitions. I had started dancing at the age of two & began competing at the age of five. Dancing was my world. My body had changed after puberty. I was no longer the stick I was before with new curves making feel off balance with my dancing & I felt extremely self conscious with this new body. I began training at a gym on my own & with personal trainers to help me achieve the body I desired. I was called “the machine” at my gym. Training daily. I don’t remember taking rest days. 500+ sit-ups, 500+ pushups, lifting weights, burning 1,000 calories in 30 minutes during my cardio sessions (yeah insane). With that I had my 25+ hours of dance training. I was in and out of physical therapy all the time. And I was not eating enough. My body hit its breaking point. Not surprising after all that I was pushing it to do. My left foot gave out one day while dancing – it went completely numb. I later learned I tore & damaged nerves in that foot. I was in excruciating pain. I could barely walk let alone dance or workout. I went in a state of anxiety & depression. I felt lost without dance or exercise. My mama one day passed by a yoga studio. Curious she spoke to the owner & thought it was just what I needed. I began taking privates with the owner. My practice didn’t start with the physical practice – the asanas. Instead it began with the mental & spiritual practice. It was my therapy. I no longer put pressure on myself as I had before. I began to love myself deeper & to see the parts of myself I needed to let heal – not just the external injuries but the internal pains & struggles I had been blind to. I learned to listen to my body & to my soul. When yoga found me, I found myself. I’m forever grateful. My practice has changed with time, just as I have change. But the fundamentals of my very first practice stays with me. Awareness, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Love, Freedom. To take in all that life has to offers & to live in the moment. ⁣

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Mammoth Lakes, California


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