My happy place 🌲💚 Continuing from my last post. I left off after deciding I wanted to finish my final semester in college. Thankfully after working with my college’s administration when it came to my health & the all the extracurricular activities I did for the school while I was well I only had one class to take to receive my degree. I also went back to taking more acting classes & going on more auditions. When suffering with my health – when I’m flaring – I have a hard time reading or learning & absorbing anything I read or being taught. Memorizing lines for scenes, that used to be so easy for me – I could memorize an entire play, had become nearly impossible. When my health started doing better my mind was able to take my work in school & in acting back in. During that spring semester I was excelling in class & in my acting. But then in March something very unexpected happened. I had a kidney stone trying to pass. Now this wasn’t so unexpected since I had been passing stones for a few years by this time in my life. What made this one so different is that I couldn’t pass it. I tried for a month trying to get the stone to pass but it would not budge. The pain was increasing & I was getting sicker with each day. I flew back to OK to see my urologist where my abdomen was scanned & yes I had stone too large to pass. It was jagged & causing damage to the ureter. So surgery it was. The stone was successfully removed & a pediatric stint was placed in my ureter for a few days (apparently my tubes are smaller than the average adult). And then came the appointment to remove the stent. Typically easy & not too painful … that is when the nurse isn’t new & doesn’t forget she is supposed to place a topical anesthetic in the urethra. And then to make matters worse my urologist wanted to teach the nurse how to remove the stent in which she kept missing the string to pull it out (my urologist didn’t know I had not received anesthetic & I was feeling it all). By the time the stent was removed my blood pressure dropped dangerously due to the pain. The nurses began to fret – getting ready to transfer me to the ER. Leaving it at a cliff hanger 😉 More of my journey to come. Photo take at Rocky Mountain National Park.

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