My experience with vaginal pain and pelvic pain

Since my last two posts I’ve had several messages asking what helped me the most with my vaginal pain. I’m always happy to answer this question openly. I know talking about vaginal pain can be embarrassing but the vagina is just another part of the body. So let’s talk about it. As I mentioned in my last two posts I was prescribed Valium which was inserted into my vagina to help with the spasms. Later on my doctor custom ordered a pain relieving vaginal cream in place of the Valium. I was asked why my doctor wanted me off Valium. Well Valium in some people can cause mental side effects such a paranoia & suicidal thoughts. Both side of my family have history of mental illness so my doctor keeps an eye out on which medications I take with that in mind. I later stopped using the custom made vaginal cream because I found something that works better for me. THC/CBD tincture oils. Like the Valium & vagina cream, I place the oil in my vagina & use a tampon to keep the oil from coming out. The cannabis helps relieve the pain & spasms. Take note if you use THC oil there is a strong chance that you will get high even if you place it in the vagina. Even though THC has psychoactive effects it has great medical components which help manage pain & muscle spasticity. That’s why I’m a firm believer in using both strains of cannabis & an activist for legalization. Along with cannabis I also spent over a year working with a pelvic floor physical therapist, 3 times a week, which helped significantly improve my vaginal/pelvic pain. Another component that has helped a great deal are my ongoing Mona Lisa Touch laser treatments. It is a treatment for vagina rejuvenation which has helped me have less pain, dryness, & muscle spasms of my vagina. It also has helped my frequency / urgency with needing to pee with my interstitial cystitis, chronic painful bladder syndrome. Other things that help me are using a dilator to stretch the vagina tissues along with doing my kegel exercises. Makes a huge difference. If you suffer from ongoing yeast/bacteria infections, which I did a lot, apple cider vinegar in the vagina can help with that too. Sending love & support always 💚 #pelvicpainawareness

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