Mammoth Lakes you are one of my all time favorites 😍🏔⁣

Continuing on my last post. After being diagnosed with POTS syndrome, suspected Leaky Gut, having severe food sensitivities, a candida overgrowth in my body, along with having reoccurring kidney stones & flareups with my interstitial cystitis I made the decision to focus solely on my health. Not everyone has the ability to do this. I’m fortunate to have such supportive parents & grandparent who have supported me both emotionally & financially. My medical team has also been out of this world for their kindness, generosity, & their hard work to heal me. I wish everyone could receive the support I have received … it makes such a huge difference. But the sad truth most people with health problems are unsupported, filing for bankruptcy, & barely scraping by. Being sick is costly. I myself would be in so much debt & ill if it wasn’t for the massive support I’ve received. During this period of focusing on my health I took various herbs & medications along with diet changes. For months I felt like I had a terrible case of the flu, especially when I began having candida die off. In that year I tried both alternative & conventional forms of medicine. There were times my alternative practitioners didn’t like what my conventional physicians & vice versa. I always did my best to be both open but at the same time having reservations. Everyone has an opinion, everyone thinks they know more … it can be very confusing. At the end of the day you have to trust yourself & your intuition. I personally believe in integrative medicine. I can see the benefits of both plants & pills. Both have made a huge difference in my health. I’m not cured, far from it, but I have reached a point where I can manage my conditions. There are both good days and bad days … more good days lately. The bad days I believe I’m starting to accept better. I don’t feel defined by health ailments. But I do see how these ailments & my fight for my health has shaped me. My scars are there, they’ll always be there, but they are no longer deep wounds causing me pain. I am able to smile, to laugh, to live 💚 #keepgoing

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