Does anyone know the song “Mama Told Me (Not To Come)” by Three Dog Night released in 1970? I often have my radio or Spotify set to classic rock, it’s the music I grew up to. My daddy made into a rock girl. We can talk for hours debating top 100 songs for classic rock bands (that’s top 100 songs for individual bands not all bands together – yes we are that hardcore lol) And all growing up whenever my momma would say “Open up a window” my daddy would sing: ⁣

“Open up the window⁣
Let some air into this room⁣
I think I’m almost choking from⁣
The smell of stale perfume⁣
And that cigarette you’re smoking⁣
‘Bout to scare me half to death⁣
Open up the window sucka⁣
Let me catch my breath” ⁣

My entire life he would say that part & I eventually started saying it too whenever a window needed to be opened (joy for my momma 🤣) but it wasn’t until this year while I was driving that I heard the song! I literally started pointing at my radio & yelling “this is the fucking song he got it from!” And then I rocked out the rest of the way before calling him up. “I never played the song for you??? … but I sound like the singer right?!?!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 LoL that’s my dad for you! Just another classic rock daughter & daddy of mine story 😆🎸🔥 ⁣

PC: @erindecoursey ⁣
Wearing: @aloyoga @rei ⁣


IMPORTANT: This photo was NOT taken on the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve – STAY ON the trails if you are on a reserve! And even if you go to the outer fields that are not part of the reserve be sure to respect the poppies – take pictures on the dirt part of the fields & not to crush the flowers. I know everyone wants the “perfect” shot but be kind to mother nature. My advise on how to get “the shot” without stomping on flowers is to look for those perfect camera angles – you can hide the dirt paths & make it appear you are right among the flowers. Easy little camera / modeling tricks 💚

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