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These are the moments I live for. One of the greatest things when I was meeting with the FLI Life team for the retreat in April 2020 was being able to disconnect from my phone for a bit. I would say I’m on my phone more than I would like to admit 🙈 I receives tons of messages a day which I do my best to respond to since I don’t want to be unreachable & I love connecting with others all around the world. Then of course work & collaborations are corresponded on my accounts, emails, & blog, so it’s not always easy for me to unplug. But I think it’s that way for the majority of us. We are living in this amazing time where we can do so much on our devices but at the same time they become a bit addictive. I was speaking to my younger cousin Meagz a few days ago on this subject. She’s 19 & was telling me how she doesn’t want to be a slave to her phone. I had a very proud older cousin moment lol. You ever notice how everyone has their noses stuck in their devices? I then had my personal wake up call when I experienced an anxiety attack when I had a problem with IG where I was unable to like, comment, or post. First day I was really pissed off & anxious AF. By the third day I was thinking “FREEDOM” ((as I burn both my bra & phone 🤣)) It was so fucking nice to just be living in the present moment without any distractions from my devices. That’s what I love about traveling is that most of the places I visit don’t have the best service because it’s out in nature; what I loved about that weekend with the FLI team. Being with my thoughts. Connecting with everything & everyone around me. It was incredible. I kept thinking “can I have more than 2 days of this please?” The retreat in April is 4 days. I couldn’t be more psyched! Imagine 4 days where no one is looking at their cell phones, computers, iPads, & tablets ((I get goosebumps just thinking about it lol)). I would love for my community on here to join me in April. Where we can be real friends & not just social media friends 😆 If you would like to know more about @theflilife retreat send me a message!

You can also check it out at Fli.life/taylor 🙃

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