Loving all that makes me ME 😄

Loving all that makes me ME 😄

I was thinking about my so called “Taylorisms” where I mix words up like cantaloupe & antelope, glove compartment & glove department. It used to embarrass me so much. I would get so mad at my family when they would point them out & giggle. It happens more when I get excited too. I tend to mispronounce words, miss a syllable, or have a little lisp. I used to I would think people where not taking me seriously or making fun of me. Now I find these quarks to be endearing & uniquely me. It now brings not just a smile to others but to myself. Now I want to share some more of my “Taylorisms” 😎 Being a huge a Harry Potter nerd I often will accidentally say “I really need to take defense against the dark arts lessons” instead of “I really need to take self defense lessons” 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 I also mix up the words to “The early bird catches the worm” with “You know what they say, the early worm catches the bird” … first time I said that one it was to my parents & my dad answered back “That must be some damn worm” 🤣🤣🤣 I still get mixed up with spelling my middle name: Lauren not Lauran lol. Certain words I cannot pronounce to save my life … but hey most people struggle with pronouncing my last name or able to say interstitial cystitis so got them there lol And then I should always wear my glasses when I’m reading. I have a stigmatism ((the front surface of the eye or inside the eye is curved differently in one direction than the other)) so when I read without my glasses I’m not seeing the words written down correctly so my mind instead processes what it thinks the words might be … I spent half a day in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refugee in Oklahoma calling the “Holy City of the Wichitas” the “Holy City of the Witches” & was super excited that the places was dedicated to witches 🤦🏻‍♀️ @rachelcheatwood89 held back her laughter so well … didn’t even realize I was reading it wrong for most of the day lol 🧙🏻‍♀️🤓🤣 And I still think the lyrics “Marconi plays the mamba “ in the song “We Built This City” should instead be “My pony plays the mamba” that’s how I always sing it lol #Taylorisms

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Joshua Tree National Park, CA

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