As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to starting loving all my beautiful so called imperfections. I’ve always loved my freckles and my matching chicken pox scars like my daddy. My skin has always tanned easily like my mommy. And I never really struggled with acne. But life has a way of laughing. In my early 20s I got the shingles virus multiple times on my face. The shingles virus a reactivation of the chickenpox virus in the body, causing a painful rash — seriously PAINFUL & ITCHY!! Around the same time I also found I was allergic to earwigs. Think earwigs are harmless?? You should have seen my face. I had so much scabbing from both shingles and earwig bites that I didn’t want anyone to look at me, no pictures, no selfies. I honestly came obsessed with how my face looked and was constantly trying to force the healing process by rubbing in multiple creams, oils, solutions — you name it, I tried it. So when did they healing really start to take place? When I left it alone and stopped obsessing about it!! I realized that if I was going to have shingle scars and scars from the earwig bites then I need to love them just like my chickenpox scars and freckles. They make me unique and just a part of who I am. But they did indeed heal and aren’t visible anymore. It’s a learning process to love yourself, especially as we age. We get more beauty lines; I’m still learning to love my crows feet… which when I got them my momma took it as this amazing coming of age “You have crows feet Tay Tay!!! Awwww you are growing up!!!”… Thanks Momma 🤨 Lol but I should look at them and love them the way she does. Those lines show off how much I’ve smiled throughout my life… I would rather keep the smiles than to remove the lines 💚 I love the skin I’m in, imprecations and all. This is me. No makeup. No filters. Just smiles 😄

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