Love every part of yourself – including your weird scars 😆 Have you ever noticed the little oval scar on my leg?? Used to drive me crazy but I’ve learned to love it! I got this scar a few years back from being bit from a brown recluse spider, also called a fiddleback, that had gotten into bed with me when I was living in my home state of Oklahoma🕷Fun fact: Brown recluses are very venomous when bitten the bite forms a necrotizing (flesh eating) ulcer as the result of soft tissue destruction and may take months to heal, leaving deep scar. Yeah no good lol. I remember waking up with a weird little hole on my leg that just kept growing! I stubbornly waited about three days before my momma told me to get my ass to the doctor 🤣 Ended up with one of the most painful steroid shots in my right hip then passing out in my car (wasn’t driving!) … Next thing I knew my parents were at my car, my dad draped me over his shoulder & got me home. The next morning waking up in extreme agony in that right hip – scared the shit out of everyone, & then made a huge scene at the CT scan office about drinking the icky white stuff (everyone had sympathy – they thought I was 12 where my mom was like “she’s 20, drink it 🤣” it turned out I was passing a big ass kidney stone. You know me just can’t have a venomous spider bite but also a kidney stone lol. A few days later I found the spider that bit me… but I didn’t have the heart to kill it. Brown recluses aren’t a violent spider, they typically bite when they feel threatened. And it’s common knowledge growing up in the Midwest / South to check dark places like your shoes, items in your closet & so on because that’s were the brown recluses make their homes. Mine had made its home in my bed, a nice dark comfy spot among my blanket. So who could blame it when this giant leg came at it? Of course it defended itself. Can’t blame the spider for that. So I very carefully got it in a jar & let it go outside. I also asked it politely not to come back inside lol. I truly used to hate that scar but now own it. Though I need to watch out what essentials oils I use in my bath because last week the skin of the scar just started peeling off 🕷🙈

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