Living my new dream

I’m so incredibly thankful to have reached this point in my life where I feel so healthy & happy. Living my new dream. Never give up 💚⁣

With this in mind I recently purchased the book “the sun & her flowers” by Rupi Kaur, a collection of poetry. It’s one of the books I’m currently reading while on the road. I love having a book as my companion when traveling. Rupi Kaur’s words touched me deeply. It was as if my own soul was speaking through the pages. ⁣⁣⁣The below passage makes me think of my health journey & how far I’ve come. ⁣
The following from the book “the sun & flowers” ⁣⁣⁣
“and then there are days when the simple act of breathing leaves you exhausted. it seems easier to give up on this life. the thought of disappearing brings you peace. for so long was i lost in a place where there was no sun. where there grew no flowers. but every once in a while out of the darkness something i loved would emerge & bring me to life again. witnessing a starry sky. the lightness or laughing with old friends … living is difficult. it is difficult for everybody. and it is at that moment when living feels like crawling through a pin-sized hole. that we must resist the urge to succumbing to bad memories. refuse to bow before bad months or bad years. cause our eyes are starving to feast on this world. there are so many turquoise bodies of water left for us to dive in. there is family. blood or chosen. the possibility of falling in love. with people & places. hills high as the moon. valleys that roll into new worlds. and road trips. i find it deeply important to accept that we are not the masters of this place. we are her visitors. and like guests let’s enjoy this place like a garden. let us treat it with a gentle hand. so the ones after us can experience it too. let’s find our own sun. grow our own flowers. the universe delivered us with the light & the seeds. we may not hear it at times but the music is always on. it just needs to be turned louder. for as long as there is breath in our lungs—we must keep dancing.” ⁣— @rupikaur_ ⁣
💚 #nevergiveup #empowerment #keepdancing

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