Living my new dream 🏔 Traveling & exploring the world while managing my autoimmune diseases & chronic pain. It’s important to live in the moment & to the fullest but if you struggle with your health to be prepared. Below is some of the things I have prepared for when traveling & with this prepping I can push it out of my head unless something happens.⁣

• Interstitial cystitis, chronic painful bladder syndrome: ALWAYS have a heating pad, creams, meds & herbs for pain relief, inflammation, & for burning, along with pads, extra undies, & urinal aid incase I need to go outside (I can’t just squat & flow)⁣
• IBS & IBD (colitis): ALWAYS have soft toilet paper, wipes, pads, extra undies, meds & herbs for nausea, gas, bloating, & pain relief, and always have my SquattyPotty with me.⁣
• Kidney Stones – yes, this one is a really scary one which I have experienced a Stone beginning to pass while driving & it was terrifying – : pain meds, meditation soundtrack, nausea medicine, heating pad, & a strainer to catch the stone after it passes for analysis.⁣
• Dysautonomia – POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome): with this I mainly work to manage low blood pressure, dizziness, vertigo, & fainting spells (lay down – feet up until it passes), anxiety (meds & breathing exercises), fatigue (rest), body temperature regulation problems (I will suddenly freeze to the bone & turn blue even when it’s not that cold so I keep extra clothes, blankets, & my heating pad with me), poor appetite (I will place reminders to eat), overactive senses to light & sound (always bring an eye mask & headphones).⁣
• Food Sensitivities: pack extra food I know I can eat.⁣
• Hypoglycemia: ALWAYS have food with me for if my blood sugar goes low.⁣
• Be OKAY & UNASHAMED to ask for help. Be that to stop at a hotel, a medical center, & if you can’t get there because you are by yourself & very sick don’t be afraid to call 911 for assistance. Willing to accept help is critical I’ve never had to do this but I’m open to it if it comes to that.⁣

This way I’m no longer afraid to travel because I took the precautions. I can LIVE without fear creeping up. No “what if’s”. Just “fuck yes – let’s go!!”

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